Mission Statement

To provide our Clients with superior technology, robust products, and the best Customer Care possible when solving their Workforce Management needs.

Our Core Values:

Building Relationships


Quality Improvement

  • We understand that building positive relationships with our vendors and partners enables us to live up to your expectations.
  • In order to provide excellent service to our customers we must earn the respect of our peers as well.
  • Longley Systems is committed to offering superior service through ethical and integral business practices, loyalty, and trust.


  • Longley Systems provides products from manufacturers who are leaders in our industry.
  • We seek those organizations that exemplify our Core Values and implement continuous improvement strategies.
  • We believe our product line is the best the industry has to offer.




Customer Care


Continuous Improvement

  • We realize that having the best products in our industry is not sufficient to earn and retain our customers’ trust and respect.
  • Taking care of our customers is a mind-set that is instilled in all our team members.
  • Integrity, respect, courteousness, and professionalism are  emphasized continuously in our day-to-day operations.


  • Longley Systems is committed to providing the best products backed by superior Customer Care.
  • We are continuously implementing processes to increase our efficiency and effectiveness in all facets of our organization, none more so than our Implementation Process, a pivotal component to exceeding our customers’ expectations.