Brett Chapman, Green Valley Chemical in Creston, IA (production)

I’m thrilled with your system and even more thrilled with you and your staff’s willingness to quickly solve our problems and put up with my bazillion and a half questions and self-induced glitches. I’ve rarely run across a company that supports it’s consumers with the friendliness, patience and technical skill level that you and your guys do. You and Kevin are a joy to work with. If there is anyone in your company that would like to hear my testament, just have them give me a call.

Kimberly Burke, Renal Management Group, LLC in Peoria, IL (health care)

Renal Management Group has been a long time customer of Longley Systems. They have always given us unconditional support when we needed it, and sometimes in time restricted situations with no problem. I was so pleased with their exceptional support that when it was time to update our systems, I looked no further than Longley Systems updating our NOVAtime. Their Technical Department has helped us troubleshoot many of our unique situations and criteria. They have always gone out of their way to help us in every situation, big or small.

When it came time to upgrade NOVAtime, they answered all our questions, helped us prepare for the migration, and took care of everything. They took the time to make sure we understood the software. And if we had any questions, we can call them anytime.

I do not normally write letters of exceptional customer Technical Support. But Longley Systems goes out of their way to satisfy their customers. Their Support Representatives are exceptionally patient and hardworking technical support specialist. They have worked many hours and days with us because of our unique situations in dialysis centers. And they always make sure afterwards things are running smoothly.

I just wanted to say thank you to your exceptional employees.

Barb Stuart, Frank Liquor Co Inc., Madison, WI (distribution)

I just wanted to share our pleasure with the NOVAtime Time & Attendance system we recently installed. David & John Malnar of Longley Systems in Rock Island, Illinois have been so helpful, informative and knowledgeable; they have made our transition to the automated system absolutely seamless. It is their vast knowledge of the product and also their teaching practices and patience with us that have made our new system come together so effortlessly. We have two of our four companies online already. The remaining two companies will go “live” in two weeks. That will be painless, since they are the easiest pay policies to set up.

I also wish to praise our Solutions Consultant who was our first exposure to the NOVAtime product and her vast knowledge impressed us right off the bat.

We are extremely happy with our purchase. I look forward to working with Longley Systems far into the future.

Mike Brown, HWH Corporation, Moscow, IA (manufacturing)

Our relationship with Longley Systems and NOVAtime has been very beneficial to our company. The flexibility of the system and the ability to customize reporting, scheduling and time rules has led to greater accuracy in time & employee management as well as reducing the manual processing needed to manage operations. On the rare occasion we do require support with the system, Longley Systems provides prompt and, most importantly, knowledgeable service. We are extremely satisfied with both the company and the product.

Phil McMahon, President, Labor Temps, Aurora, IL (staffing)

I wanted to take a moment to compliment you and the organization on the level of expertise and support. As an owner, I am always on the lookout for superior support. Earlier this year we identified a multi-million dollar opportunity for our staffing company. Part of our strategy was the NOVAtime System. We had a very challenging environment. Working with your staff we designed a very sophisticated application. Your group was instrumental in us winning this deal. After we were awarded the contract we had to design and implement the solution which your Implementation & Support Staff were instrumental with. They were supportive and knowledgeable at every step in their ability to deal with some challenging issues and people in a professional and helpful way. Their technical expertise was key to being able to make the application work to the customer’s satisfaction. I can say that without your staff we would not have won or been able to implement our solution.
As a result we have continued to expand our use of the NOVAtime system to many other customers. We look forward to working with your organization on many future projects.

Thanks. Have a great day!

Wes Rostenbach, Accounting and Tax Manager, Scott County Auditor’s Office, Scott County, IA (government)


I would like to thank you and your company for all of the assistance given to us over the past several weeks in implementing NOVAtime 3000 throughout Scott County. I would especially like to mention the assistance from your Technical Department. There is no question that without their help we could not have taken the NOVAtime system to the level we have in such a short time period. Their willingness to provide as many training sessions as we needed and help us step by step in setting up some of the more complicated sections of NOVAtime were undoubtedly the reasons the transition was a success. I cannot tell you how many phone calls were made for questions and problems and they were always willing to help. It is very reassuring to have someone that understands NOVAtime at such a high level also know how it needs to work for our particular needs. Thank you again for assisting us with making the transition to NOVAtime 3000 such a rewarding experience.

Kelly Lyons, Mid-American Glass Inc. Davenport, IA (manufacturing)

We are extremely satisfied and pleased with the service and products from Longley Systems