Our History

Longley Systems is a leader in workforce management around the Midwest, but our accomplishments could not be possible without the efforts of its founder, Quenten “Shorty” Longley. Mr. Longley established his business in 1954. The original name of the company was “Longley Time Products,” and it became incorporated in 1960 to sell and service time clocks in the Quad City area of Illinois and Iowa. In 1981 “Shorty” retired and transferred the business to his son, Daniel Longley, who changed the company name to “Longley Time Systems,” and operated the business until 2006. When he retired the business was transferred to David Malnar, an eight year employee with over twenty-five years of experience in computer software systems, service, and sales. David changed the name of the company once again to the current title “Longley Systems, Inc.


Quenten “Shorty” Longley 
Shorty and Daniel Longey

Shorty and Daniel Longley
Dan Longley and Dave Malnar

Dan Longley and Dave Malnar
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