Case Studies

Case Studies


Eldon C. Stutsman, Inc
One of eastern Iowa’s largest suppliers of agricultural products migrated to the web-enabled NOVAtime 3000 Enterprise Edition in 2011. Stutsman eliminated the manual payroll preparation process and equipped supervisors and managers with tools that enabled them to proactively manage labor costs while saving payroll preparation time, promoting job efficiency.


Quad City Freight Services
This distribution company provides logistics, warehousing, and trucking services throughout the Quad Cities for the past three decades. Quad City Freight Services chose NOVAtime’s Workforce Management solution because it provided a simple, efficient, automated, and highly effective method of timekeeping for their 130 employees across three locations.


Scott County
A strong believer in the idea that a penny saved is a penny earned, Scott County of Iowa has been using NOVAtime’s automated, computerized time and attendance/workforce management solution since 2001 to better manage their workforce and reduce overtime expenditures. By eliminating manual payroll preparation processes and providing county supervisors and managers with tools to proactively manage labor costs, Scott County began saving time during payroll preparation.


Holiday Inn, Six Flags
The Holiday Inn had been utilizing the NOVAtime 2000 solution since 2006, and the company recently migrated to the NOVAtime 4000 STARbox system. With fluctuating staffing levels, dependent on the season, the Holiday Inn needed a system that could support the industry need for staff schedules to accommodate guest volumes. The system can create and maintain an unlimited number of schedules that support multiple shifts and rotating positions for both permanent and temporary employees.


Mid American Glass
Mid-American Glass is a regional distributor / fabricator of flat glass, insulating glass, and architectural metal. While flat glass distribution remains the strength of their company, the fabrication of insulating glass and architectural metal continues to drive growth.

Staffing Agencies

Labor Temps
Labor Temps, a leader in the Chicago-area light industrial staffing services for 20 years, works with its longtime partner, Longley Systems, Inc., to use NOVAtime 4000 Software as a Service (SaaS) Hosted Timekeeping Solution to Provide Cost-Effective Enterprise Workforce Management.

Social Services

Exceptional Persons, Inc.
EPI, Founded as Exceptional Persons, Inc. is a private, non-profit organization created as a catalyst for community-based services for people with developmental and other related disabilities. As a result of Longley Systems’ commitment to excellent customer service and NOVtime 5000’s vast flexibility, EPI’s Business Director and CFO said, “NOVAtime’s flexibility in scheduling has been the most helpful to EPI… Having shifts throughout the day and night, we are able to enter any schedule needed.” Additionally, EPI utilizes NOVAtime’s phone-in system for mobile their workforce who have limited computer access due to the nature of their services in the field. Employees have the ability to call into the system to clock in and out, listen and respond to check their voicemails, and schedules.

Lutheran Services in Iowa
Lutheran Services in Iowa (LSI) is a human services agency that provides support services to children, youth, families, people with disabilities, the elderly, and people with Refugee Status. A NOVAtime 3000 customer since 2007, they have upgraded to NOVAtime 4000 STAR, the self-hosted, licensed version of NOVAtime’s state-of-the-art, web-based workforce management system.


Civic Center of Greater Des Moines
As an entertainment venue, the Civic Center experiences significant swings in seasonal employment, fluctuating from around 350 to 500 active employees at any given time. The Civic Center benefits from using the NOVAtime solution because it allows existing employees to be easily inactivated and reactivated within the system, as necessary. One of the key contributors to the Civic Center’s decision to implement the NOVAtime solution was its ability to support union and non-union employees. The organization was pleased with the great job done by Longley Systems (the local NOVAtime reseller that implemented the Civic Center’s system), particularly in answering questions and addressing issues regarding the union rules.